Thursday, September 25, 2008

Will Rap for Food

Has anyone seen this article?

It appears Ed McMahon is turning to rap in order to pay his debts. After seeing him in that suit (though he admittedly looks better in his than the plastic surgeon from Dr. 90210) my first thought was, “Isn’t this one of the signs of the Apocalypse?”

No. It’s a sign of brokenness.

Many of us have been down-on-our-luck-pass-the-ramen-noodles broke at one point in our lives---I believe it’s called the college years. But this is getting ridiculous. First I watch the couple on Oprah trying to wrench sympathy from Suze Orman for getting behind in payments on their 29 (yes, 29) credit cards, and now I have to watch this? But at least Ed McMahon is famous enough to get offered commercials. What will happen to the rest of us non-celebrities? In this economy you’re lucky if you can get a job waiving a sign on a corner while dressed up as a taco. So for those who are in a little hot water yet haven’t come up with a more creative manner in which to sing/rap/chant/yodel, check out our personal finance section.

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