Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Community Outreach Services: The World Music & Dance Festival

"Wow!! ... I didn't know that the library had a bookmobile!" or "When I was a little girl, we used to wait week after week for our bookmobile to visit us!" was another remark that many made as they made their way into Sacramento Public Library's one of three bookmobiles that regularly make visits to some of Sacramento County's more remote areas and assisted -care facilities.

One of bookmobiles is called the "Wonderwagon" many of you who regularly visit the blog have seen it spotlighted before making cameo appearances at many of SPL's outreach events. This time it made its presence known at the "Sacramento World Music & Dance Festival" held at the historic Old Sacramento riverfront adjacent to the old train depot. The event brought musicians and dancers from some of Sacramento's rich cultural communities stretching as far away as Viet Nam, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Spain, Poland, the Ukraine and Ghana to name a few.

A hearty thanks goes out to those volunteers who dedicate themselves to enriching Sacramento's local cultures and for showing what Sacramento Public Library is doing to promote cultural awareness, education and peaceful cooperation.

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