Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Central Express Rocks!

Last night I danced a dance of joy inside the library.

Sure, the teens who witnessed it were staring at me as if to ask, “What’s wrong with her?” and “Why does she keep feeding us Pop Tarts at Movie Madness Game Nights?” But I ignored them. Why was I so happy? During my break I checked out a copy of The Host by Stephenie Meyer. On the surface this is no big deal, since people started requesting the book before it was even published.

Yet I didn’t have to put my name on a request list.

Here is how it works: Central Express is a browsing collect that holds the newest and latest titles. These are titles you normally might forget to read because, due to their popularity, you won’t see them on the shelves when they are first published. Then you’ll spot them, say, three years from now, when you need another book located next to it. But instead of spotting the item in 2011 and thinking, “Didn’t I mean to read that book?” before shrugging it off, you can read the book now. As in right now. The books cannot be requested, nor can their checkout time be renewed, meaning we have TONS of great titles to choose from. However, for the next three weeks you won’t see The Host on the shelf because it’s mine, mine mine!

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