Thursday, September 4, 2008

Just the Facts...PLEASE!?!?!

As we delve further into this history-making Presidential race, it's important to ask for the truth from those who seek the public trust. Are we not political consumers? Just as we want to know what nitrates/nitrites are finding their way into our foods, or how well a prospective auto will hold-up on the road, we have just cause to ensure that what we're hearing from the Donkey and Elephant are the real deal. Here are a few sources for uncovering the veracity of what we're hearing: ( Founded in 1994, the Annenburg Foundation is a non-partisan think-tank based at the University of Pennsylvania that seeks to vet (there's that word again) proclamations and statements made by politicians.

The Washington Post launched a new site in early September called The Fact Checker ( that aims to be "the place to go for impartial refereeing of campaign rhetoric." ( is a new site, launched by both the Congressional Quarterly and the St. Petersburg Times (Fla.). Its a bit spashier than and The Fact Checker with its 'truth-o-meters.' But, like the others, non-partisan.

For my time, and Politifact are the more user friendly of the two. My fellow Americans, no matter which side of the aisle you stand, prepare to be appalled.

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annot8 said...

Thanks for posting these links! I was just remarking to my family last night that I need to get serious about choosing the candidate I'm voting for in November.