Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Add To My Contacts

What's with the abstract art in the right sidebar? It's called a QR (quick response) code. It sends information to a cell phone equipped with a code reader. The Civil Librarian and Hapalibrararian have blogged about QR codes, speculating on potential uses in a public library setting. The Dover Town Library in Massachusetts featured QR codes in its summer reading program this year.

In some cases, the code will lead you to a web site; in others, it might send a message to a contact phone number. Or it can be coded to provide business card information, or ...

The QR code on this blog will offer to add the phone number for our new My Info Quest: text 4 answers service to your cell phone contacts, so you can text us the next time you have a burning question and get an answer in minutes from a librarian. (You can add it or decline it.)

If your camera phone is equipped with a data plan, and if you have acquired a code reader, just point your phone's camera at the code and take it away!

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