Thursday, January 29, 2009

Witnessing History from the Nosebleed Section

Do you know what the true Audacity of Hope is? It’s deciding around the middle of January that you’re going to the Obama inauguration and thinking you’re going to find a flight and a hotel. Yet during one break I looked over at my co-worker, and announced, “I think I should go to the inauguration,” in about the same manner I usually say, “I think I’ll have Chinese food for lunch.”

But really, I had to go the inauguration---it was on my life to do list, sandwiched between #5. Buy a house and #7. Marry a “qualified” hot rich guy. Though I plan to attend the 2012 inauguration in style---flying to D.C. in my corporate jet and attending balls in designer gowns---something awful might happen to prevent me from going, and then I would have missed not just the historic swearing in of the first black president, but a really great party the second time around. Thus I made (hastily threw together) arrangements, and when I arrived at SFO I found out I was not the only wishful thinker…

There were fifty standby passengers.

Only about half made it onto the flight.

The trip was totally awesome.

So much happened that day, I can’t even begin to describe it. And I really don’t need to---I took tons of pictures yet still not enough. However, I do have one request for President Obama for the next swearing in ceremony:

Can we have the 2012 inauguration in Hawaii? It was freakin’ cold!!!


annot8 said...

Love that scarf!

Unknown said...

Hi Tabin, great fun meeting you in D.C. and thanks for your quote in my KING 5 TV inaugural blog. Reading your blog was a lot of fun. Keep writing!

- Galen

TC said...

Thanks Galen!

Annot8---I have some different fabric down here if you want to make one.