Saturday, January 3, 2009

2009 - What's In It For Me?

Many people take a few minutes during this season to review the accomplishments, the works-in-progress, the lessons learned during the past year, and to make their resolutions for the coming year. I read something recently - can't remember where - that suggested we make "Goals" instead of "Resolutions". Making a resolutions implies that you must keep it to be successful; not keeping it, therefore, means failure. Having a goal, on the other hand, implies progress toward same, and any progress can be counted as a success. All year long!

Central Library has also been reviewing accomplishments, works-in-progress and lessons learned, and is setting goals for the coming year. Some of the accomplishments:

  • Creation of a microfilm reading area closer to the microfilm collection.

  • Conversion of the former microfilm reading area into a Technology Lab.

  • Expansion of the computer classes beyond the basics and into subject interests.

  • Complete revision of the call routing system for the library's main phone number (916-264-2700.)

Some works-in-progress:

  • Re-arrangement of the Central Express area on the first floor and tweaking loan rules so that more new titles are available for borrowers.

  • Refreshing the book and federal documents collections by withdrawing materials clearly past their prime and moving some of the documents into the book collection. We hope this will make the documents collection more usable.

  • Now, which would you rather do: make a resolution or set a goal?

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