Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Get Smart

Forgive me for projecting, but most women fear turning into:

a) Crazy cosmetics kook: the woman who looks like she uses a Sharpie as lip liner.

b) Depressing woman: the one who calls to say, “Do you remember so and so?” and keeps trying to make you remember some obscure person you met in a previous life. When you finally lie and say you remember said person so you can move on with your day, she tells you, “Well, they passed away.”

c) Cat food lady: the woman who lost it all and now has to eat Nine Lives morning, noon and night.

While the library does not host classes for individuals who insist on using products bought at Office Max as makeup (though we can point you to a few helpful books on the subject), and we can only advise you not to call someone before six in the morning unless the earth is on fire, we can help you a bit on the financial front. Central Library's Smart Investing for Women series continues on Wednesday, December 3rd at 12 p.m. Last time Pam Krueger, co-host of MoneyTrack and author of The MoneyTrack Method, showed us how small amounts of money invested over long periods of time can grow to huge amounts of cash. Hopefully this next class will cover how to stop freaking out everytime we turn on the news. Cookies and sodas will be provided, but you should really bring a lunch so you don't crash twenty minutes after you return to work.

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