Sunday, November 16, 2008

Econo-talk in Central's Sacramento Room

The economy is the big creature with a bull’s head and bear’s body, sitting in the corner of the room. Last Wednesday evening, the 12th of November, the Central Library decided to talk about. With the assistance of CSUS Economics professor, Kristin Van Gaasbeck, and the passion and enthusiasm of a great group of participants, the current and future state of the financial markets, both home and abroad, were discussed in detail.

Plus, those buzz terms that have become near household were thrown about: sub-prime mortgages, credit default swaps, and the sham of the mortgage-backed security. What’s more, the fate of the dollar and the slow, but deliberate conversion of the U.S. economy from one of a manufacturing base to one that is service-centered were tackled.

And, how much is too much regulation, since we know that it’s inevitable with a new administration taking its place on Capital Hill in January?

The expertise and ideas of Van Gaasbeck were illuminating, but what the made the program truly meaningful was the participation of those citizens who joined us. It was a pleasure to watch this cross-section of Sacramento convene in the library to exchange ideas and experiences over an issue that affects every last one of us. My hat is off to Professor Van Gaasbeck and those of you who attended and contributed to this timely discussion.

Photos taken by Julie Garabedian.

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