Thursday, September 24, 2009

Where the Wild Critters Are

As previously discussed, there are only three animals I truly like: bunnies, doggies and kitties. Bunnies are fluffy, kittens are cute, and doggies are cute, sweet, plus they’re actually happy to see you, unlike cats, who think humans were put on this earth to be their servants. But, as someone pointed out to me, no one wants to see a library program on bunnies, doggies and kitties. Correction: no one but I would want to see such a program. Thus on Sunday, September 20th, we hosted Nature's Critters, a local group which presented Where the Wild Critters Are. Julie Allen brought in animals from different habitats: salamanders, hedgehogs, chinchillas and more. The children especially liked the snake, which was extremely lucky to have been born in captivity---she was missing a pigment which would have made her easy to spot in the wild. Adults cringed as the snake came near, but the children were more than happy to wear the snake around their necks.

As for me, I’m okay with animal…in print form. I don’t know about you, but mock croc and faux snakeskin are as close as I need to be to the real things.