Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Central Has New Copiers!

We've all been frustrated over the years by the old, clunky, temperamental copiers in the building. Over the last week, Central Library has installed several new copiers with an up-to-date set of tricks! On the second and fourth floors, in addition to traditional copying where you place the original on the glass, deposit your coins and press "print", the new copiers can also read your flash drive and print directly from it - no hard copy needed. Similarly, they can scan a print original in gray-scale or color and save it to your flash drive, where you can take it away at no charge (no toner+ no paper= no charge!) The digital image can then be attached to e-mail, edited, or printed later.

The color copier resides on the third floor in the periodicals section, near the microfilm readers. (It also copies in gray-scale.) It doesn't do flash drives, but we feel the ability to print in color will make up the difference. Ask us to show you how it works!

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