Saturday, September 19, 2009

First Floor Display: Staff Picks

"You must really love your job! You get to sit there and read all day long!" We hear this every so often, and we sure wish it were true! The truth is library staff works at work, and reads at home or on the bus.

This month's book display on the first floor is "staff picks". These are titles we've read and enjoyed, and thought you might, too.

My personal "picks" this week are:

John Hamamura's "The color of the sea", a semi-autobiogaphical novel about the Japanese-American experience in Lodi during the Second World War.

Andrea Levy's "Small Island", which chronicles the experiences of two Jamaican families when they move to London, post World War II

Meve Binchy's "Whitethorn Woods", where the stories of several people tell the story of St. Anne's Well and Whitethorn Woods. The stories are like threads in a tapestry. Only when they are all woven together does the full picture appear.

Sarah Smith's "Chasing Shakespeares", a lightweight mystery involving a bequest of Shakespeare collectibles to a minor American university. One of the manuscripts seems like it might actually be valuable, and it is taken to London for examination by experts.