Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Usually, I write articles in Spanish but since this article is about the Beautiful Game ... I thought, mass appeal. For those of you who refer to it as soccer, football is HUGE beyond these beautiful shores of ours and especially so in Europe. Where the Champions League is in full swing!. The Champions League is an annual hotly -contested club level football competition played by those clubs who have won the championship in their respective countries. Some European countries have more than one club in the race for European football supremacy, while others have only one and by now they are out of the race! At any rate, four teams remain Manchester United, Liverpool FC, Chelsea FC and FC Barcelona. FC stands for "football club" for you amateurs. At the end of this controlled-riot, FIFA awards the Golden Boot award to the European Footballer of the Year, this year it is most assuredly going to two young kids. Fernando Torres (Spanish National Team , Liverpool FC) and Cristiano Ronaldo (Portuguese National Team , Manchester United). Who will take it all and never ever have to work again after their 30 years old??

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