Thursday, April 24, 2008

Potty Training 101

It would be too simple for a child to have an “accident” while nestled between 200-thread count sheets and the Dora the Explorer / Spongebob Squarepants comforter you can’t wait to throw away. But no one is ever that fortunate. So people are usually faced with two scenarios. Scenario One involves a public incident on the playground of a fast food restaurant which causes the whole area to be quarantined while other parents give you the Darth Vader stare-of-death for ruining their fine dining experience. (And you really did ruin their day; in this current housing market, the playground at McDonald’s is about as close to a trip to Disneyland as many kids are getting this year.) Scenario Two is far worse. Your little angel picks a morning to sneak into your bed, snuggles between your down comforter and 600-thread count Egyptian cotton sheets while somehow managing to get atop your designer beaded throw pillow. Somewhere between the third load of laundry and a trip to the drycleaner you get to wondering a) why you don’t have a maid and b) why you haven’t fully potty trained your child yet. While you weren’t going for the potty-train-your-child-before-the-umbilical-cord-falls-off program , neither do you want your child announcing on a commercial how it’s okay to wet the bed until you’re 12 because their product is good for “children” up to 125+ pounds. What to do? Check out our toilet training section. Not only do we carry books for parents showing them the steps, you can also borrow picture books for children explaining the whole process. Need a video? We have those too. So don’t put up with ruined chenille throws and tossing your throw pillows in the dumpster. Get your potty training information today.

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