Sunday, April 27, 2008


The 17th annual Festival de la Familia took place today at Sacramento's Cal Expo fairgrounds and it was an event to attend!

The day was hot ( 88 degrees Fahrenheit ) and so was the food, culture, dance, music and the company that Sacramento Public Library staff kept as people from all walks and persuasions approach our booth to inquire about e -book and digital collections. Storytime en Español and about the usual times and locations that our customers are always interested in. Library applications were also on the rise as new library cards were issued to new customers. It's not uncommon that many library customers regularly visit any of our 27 library branches, yet they do not possess library cards. It's at these events that many of them approach our booths and finally make the jump to being card-carrying library users. This phenomenon is pretty common with many public libraries and it's what librarians, library para-professionals and administrators attempt to rectify. We want all of Sacramento's citizens to have and use a Sacramento Public Library card.

Many who haven't done an event such as the Festival, think that all we do is pass out bookmarks and bring smiles to kid's faces. Not that that's bad, but there's definitely work that must be done!
The day ended early in the evening and all of us were flushed with pride at the great work that we had done. Kudos to all those who put in their time and to Community Outreach Services.

The Cuban and Puerto Rican communities were out in full force at the Festival de la Familia. Good to see!

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