Wednesday, April 30, 2008

California of the Past: We Need You to Tell Your Story

With StoryCorps rolling its way out of town, the Sacramento Public Library is picking up where the folks from National Public Radio left off. The Library's project, California of the Past, seeks to have members of the public tell their stories. About an event? ; a person? ; a special place? Yes. Yes. And, yes. We want you to impart your Sacramento experiences. In doing so, you'll contribute to your library's effort to record and safeguard the historical memory of our great community.

Storytellers will have their tale digitally recorded at the Central Library. Then, we'll can add pictures and music to your words. Before you know it, you've created a masterpiece. Area residents, students, and scholars will be able to view your recorded story in the Sacramento Room's historical archives at the Central Library.

Starting May 1, you can submit a digital story application by calling 264-2920 or online at and clicking California of the Past.

Take a look at these examples of SPL produced digital stories:

Sacramento Has Gone to the Dogs:

Clark Ashton Smith: Poetry from the Shadows:

Hearts of the Sacramento Valley: Sacramento's Fallen During the First World War:

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