Thursday, November 15, 2007

Time for a Nap

This morning we finished the autumn toddler-time series. The children had a fun, social and educational experience learning about books, singing, dancing and interacting. The parents enjoyed making friends and arranging future play-dates.

One of our aims as youth services librarians is to help you, as parents and caregivers, encourage your children to develop a love of reading. Emergent literacy is what children know about reading before they can read on their own. Children who enter school with these skills are more likely to succeed.

Toddler-time will resume on January 10th, every Thursday at 10 a.m.
Until then, consider the following points when selecting good books for your toddler:

--Enthusiasm ignites a child's love of reading so choose books that entertain both of you.
--Rythmic and other pleasing language appeals to children.
--Colorful and simple illustrations draw children into a story.
--Short clear sentences with just a couple of big words per page help children make a connection between the written word and a story.
--Repetition leads to anticipation for children.

Have fun reading and raising readers, and we’ll see you at Toddler-Time here in Kids’ Place on January 10th ~Jami, YS Librarian

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