Friday, November 9, 2007

Ken Burns is a hit!

At the Central Library on Thursday evening, a large, very satisfied group of people were witness to the brilliance of filmmaker Ken Burns as he answered questions posed by participants in five libraries throughout California. If you missed the videoconference, it will soon be available to view on the website of one of our sponsors--The California Center for the Book.

The three questions Sacramentans asked were, "Did you obtain stories from WWII veterans which impressed and touched you but which were not highlighted in your series? If so, could you please share one of these?"

"Now that you have documented in great depth the stories of two wars, what feelings, if any, do you have about how humans deal with conflict?

"We so appreciate the quality of your previous works, so could you talk a little bit about the national parks project you are currently working on?"

For his answers to these questions and the many others asked of him, please remember to view the California Center for the Book's website.

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