Friday, August 29, 2008

Telephone Changes Help Us Serve You Better

Our phones have been getting busier and busier. On the Telephone Reference side, we know it's frustrating for you, the caller, to be made to hold "for the next available librarian." Likewise, on the Circulation Help side, because there was no ability to queue callers, you often heard "If you are getting this message during normal business hours ... " and were required to call back later to talk to library staff.

This morning, we merged those two vital services. Telephone Reference, and Circulation Help now have only one phone number. Callers now will choose "help with your library card", or "all other questions." We hope that, by making that simple change, callers to Telephone Reference won't have to wait as long, and callers to Circulation Help will be able to hold for assistance.

The number to remember is: 916-264-2920.

Please let us know how it's working for you!

(Baby's photo is used with permission under the Creative Commons license granted by the photographer.)

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