Thursday, July 17, 2008

Practice Tests and Computer Skills Tutorials

Staff Services Analyst, Accountant-Auditor, SAT, CHP Patrolman - these are county and state tests that are hugely popular with library borrowers. When a test is coming up, copies of these and other practice tests fly off the shelves, not to return until the test is over.

There is a way to practice without having to visit a library and track down a test book: Learning Express Library. This is a database of civil service, education, and career tests that anyone can use in the library - no Internet needed - and can also be used at home if you have a library card in good standing. The library pays for the subscription, and you can use it for free! You can practice at your convenience, your place in the test is saved and you can come back to it later. You also have the option of taking a timed test. Your answers are scored and evaluated.

The big bonus and hidden gem of Learning Express Library: Computer Skills Tutorials! If you want to learn about Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and other common computer programs, here's a chance to do it at your convenience. Ask the staff at the reference desk in your branch to show you how to find it on our Database Page.

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