Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bug Break

I hate bugs!
Though I realize our summer reading theme is “Catch the Reading Bug,” if I see one more bug I am going to scream! I hate bugs, loathe spiders, don’t care for worms or all their germs, but whenever I open my e-mail I discover yet another person has sent me a picture of a hissing cockroach or a tarantula. And these aren’t the happy Miss Spider’s Tea Party versions of insects. No, they’re the real, ugly, horrible, I-can’t-believe-such-a-thing-exists pictures. People, I was already scared half to death after looking at last month’s Visa bill. Are you trying to complete the job?
Do you know what non-human creatures I like? Bunnies, doggies and kitties. To stop myself from having a complete nervous breakdown at being surrounded by bugs, I watch videos of cute animals on YouTube. These two “talking” cats are totally adorable. If you have time, watch the translations. Enjoy your bug free moment.

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