Monday, June 9, 2008

Tired of catching all the wrong bugs?

There are some bugs which you really don’t want to catch, like Ebola and West Nile, and then there are the bugs that are actually good for you, namely the Reading Bug and the Jitterbug. Catch both bugs (the good ones, that is) by reading and dancing the summer away at Central Library!

Summer Reading starts Saturday, June 14th. Everyone from babies to adults can sign up this year. Central’s big kickoff is on Sunday, June 15th. Children can sign-up all day in Kids’ Place and have fun creating cool crafts and Father’s Day cards. Teens and adults can sign up online, then enjoy the first of three instructional dance classes sponsored by Spotlight Dance and Fitness. Learn the East Coast Swing on Sunday, June 15th, the Fox Trot on Sunday, June 22nd, and the Cha Cha on Sunday, June 29th. All classes start at 3 pm.

But why wait until you can officially sign-up online to get in the mood? Check out our Central Express and Kids’ Place displays for a wide selection of books and media. Pick up celebrity biographies, gardening books, great fiction, dance music, books and instructional videos in Central Express. Not sure what to read? Our teen librarian has set up a “What I’m Reading Now” display in Kids' Place. And before you start thinking that teen books are those horrible now-you-know-and-knowing-is-half-the-battle-after-school-special type of stories we were forced to read in high school, pick up a copy of Chris Crutcher’s Deadline.

For those of you who think, “Gee, I would love to come to Central, but the parking there sucks except for Sundays,” I have good news for you. For those who haven’t heard, Central patrons can park for free on Saturdays in the City of Sacramento public parking garages at 10th and I Streets or 10th and L Streets. So we hope to see you this Sunday having the time of your life. (No excuses!)

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