Sunday, June 1, 2008

Dandelion Through the Crack: Kiyo Sato, Heroism, and the Memory of Injustice

Kiyo Sato, a Japanese-American woman born in 1923 in Sacramento, has written the saga of the Sato family’s life in America: Dandelion Through the Crack. It is the compelling story of starting a family in California, coping during the Depression, being swept off to concentration camps, and ultimately surviving and succeeding despite terrible odds and oppressive prejudice.

Dandelion Through the Crack tells of a family formed both by ancestry and by the American way of life. Interwoven throughout are the haikuof the author’s father and his wise fables, drawn from his old and new homelands.

Joins us in the Central Library’s Sacramento Room on June 4 at 6:00 PM as Sato speaks about this important new book. Copies of Dandelion Through the Crack will be on hand for sale and signing.

Registration is encouraged by calling264-2920 or going to

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