Tuesday, January 8, 2008

This Resolute Time of Year

I don’t think I’ll ever understand New Year’s resolutions.

It’s cold, all I want to do is curl up in a ball in front of my fireplace/space heater and catch up on the Grey's Anatomy episodes I intended to watch weeks ago while eating those delicious cookies that, for some stupid reason, are only sold six weeks out of the year. But will anyone leave me in peace? Of course not. Custom dictates that at the beginning of every year we must clean, exercise, and get our financial acts together. This wouldn’t be so hard if we had Day-After-Thanksgiving resolutions in which we promised not to buy the things which will clutter our homes, destroy our credit scores and wreck havoc on our thighs. But no one points that out in time. Now it's time to be pointed in the direction of books which will show you how to be free.

Free of what, you may ask. Take your pick. One can be debt-free, wrinkle-free, clutter free and/or cellulite-free. Because you don’t want to wear A-line skirts year round, some of you may have resolved to work on the latter. And, since a call to Suze Orman asking if you can afford liposuction would likely end in a big, “Denied!” you’ll have to stick to affordable fitness videos. The Firm has several series of fitness videos to choose from, along with Denise Austin and Richard Simmons. A word of advice---don’t just borrow these videos; actually follow along with the exercises. What’s the point of checking these out if the only one who watches them is your husband while he lies on the couch eating popcorn? --Tabin, YS Librarian

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