Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Man in Black and Folsom: The 40th Anniversary

On January 13, 1968, Johnny Cash visited the California State Prison at Folsom. The engagement was true art - a moment in time where a performer reached out to society's outcasts and what he received in return was adulation and confirmation of that title we know so well, the 'man in black.' Forty years later, his legend is solid, truly due in no small part to his time at the Folsom Pen.

The Central Library holds several items on Cash and the Folsom concert. The standard text for the event is Michael Streissgruth's Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison : the making of a masterpiece. For items - books, videos - about Johnny Cash, use the Subject Heading, "Cash, Johnny." For items - cds, books - by Johnny Cash, do an Author search, entering last name first, first name last: "Cash, Johnny."

You might also check out the Sacramento Bee and Sacramento Union on microfilm. The Central Library has both issues. Look at the rolls from January 1968 for stories on the event. Oh, time to go -- I hear that train a comin'....

Thanks, flickr!

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Sarah said...

This post made my day! Johnny Cash at the Library, woo hoo!