Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Closed Wednesday: Annual Staff Training

billboardIt goes by many names: continuing ed, in-service training, professional development - Sacramento Public Library devotes one day each year to an all-staff training day. This year, on Wednesday, October 10, all libraries will be closed, and staff will be boning up on Emerging Technologies and Trends in Libraries - and what they mean for library services today and in the future.

Even though the branches are closed, there are still some services that are available. Books may be renewed by calling one of the Renewal Lines (916-264-2952 and 916-264-2953), and also by going to the library's web site and clicking the "your library account" link. We'll all be open again regular hours on Thursday, October 11.

Ask us to tell you what we learned about some of the ways libraries are making it easier and more convenient for the public to use their materials and services.

(Original photo by Mind on Fire, altered using Flickr Toys, and used here under the Creative Commons "attribute and share alike" license.)

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