Saturday, October 20, 2007

Fan Club Feedback - Bill Bryson

One of the reasons we began a Central Library blog is to get your feedback, so we're going to add a new feature--Fan Club Feedback! We'll highlight a particular author and then ask that you add your comments regarding your favorite title and why you read him/her. Here at Central we have a large staff following of Bill Bryson fans. When a new title is being published, we all rush to get on the hold list and then we share our favorite parts, laughing all the way, of course!

Therefore, let's start with Mr. Bryson. My favorite title is A walk in the woods : rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail. Where else can you read about an adventure traveller who is afraid of the very adventures he undertakes? Bryson's biggest fear is that he will meet up with a bear along the Appalachian Trail and won't survive the melee. He does take his friend Katz along on this ambitious journey, but you'll soon discover why Katz won't be any help at all!

Now, dear readers, it is up to you to weigh in on why you like Bill Bryson. Just below this posting you'll see a link for comments. Please post yours today!


Anonymous said...

I would have to vote for In a Sunburned Country as my favorite Bill Bryson book. Writing about his observations during his travels through Australia, he makes the reader laugh out loud with his dry wit, eye for oddities and descriptions of poisonous wildlife. Entertaining and informative, I definitely recommend this book.

traveler said...

His biography, "The Thunderbolt Kid," is also a treat...laugh out loud!

Anonymous said...

I would definitely agree with Anonymous. When I read "In a Sunburned Country," I didn't know whether to gasp with horror or collapse in nervous laughter. It's a great read; I recommend it particularly for anyone who'll be visiting Australia any time soon.