Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Isabel Allende : " The Sum Of Our Days "

Peruvian- born author Isabel Allende has written a new book entitled "The Sum Of Our Days" which is due to be released in North America in April 2008. The Spanish version of the novel was published in mid 2007 by Editorial Sudamericana and is already a best-seller.
Isabell Allende narrates to her daughter , Paula, events surrounding their family since her daughters untimely death. The reader experiences along with the author a story of personal triumph over some of life's most terrible challenges. Her story is very emotional but not all is doom and gloom, for Allende is surrounded by an entourage of family and friends each with their own inspiring stories to tell us. And with their awe-inspiring stories we are all transported to a life filled filled with love , compassion and a new understanding of the complexities of life.
There are 4 copies ordered for the Spanish collection , and since the English translation has not been published, none are on order yet. But that is sure to change !

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