Saturday, March 28, 2009

College bound?

Are you gearing up for your college career? Are you planning your goals and objectives for life after college? Both quests can be met with daunting anticipation, yet present exciting challenges. The overall objective in meeting both of these challenges, of course, is success. The path to success is through thoughtful planning and preparation. Planning and preparation for your college and career objectives is the focus of Central Library’s College & Career Center. It is here that you will find the materials and guidance you’re seeking in kick starting your climb to the top and in meeting the challenges along the way. Focusing first, for example, on your career goals will help you prepare your educational landscape. Titles such as What Color is Your Parachute zero in on recognizing skills, interests and aptitudes for the right career path. The Encyclopedia of Careers and the Occupational Outlook Handbook explore the many career opportunities available, the trends in today’s career marketplace and the educational requirements needed to attain that career of choice. The Top Careers series of titles present opportunity ideas that motivate and inspire. In preparing for your educational objectives, look to proven resources such as the College Blue Book, a six part systemic approach that guides you to the right educational program, also available as an E-Book via the Virtual Reference Library.

Along your route to success, you’ll encounter a myriad of tests, including college prep tests such as the SAT and graduate level tests, such as the GRE and GMAT. Study guides are available for these and other tests for checking-out. In addition, the Center also has the largest collection of civil service occupational testing guides in the library system. Free government literature is available, including financial aid booklets, such as Fund Your Future and Funding Education Beyond High School. And for that personal touch, professional assistance is available through an on site guidance counselor. If your objective is success, Central Library’s College & Career Center is your road to get there.

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