Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Libraries – For the Birds?

When you read this perhaps you will agree with the title! I have a friend who works in the State Library, a few blocks from Sacramento Public Library. She was moved to an area with a window. From there she was able to view the “Darth Vader” building two blocks away. While staring out the window one day something caught her eye – 2 adult peregrine falcons (Falco peregrinus anatum) circling the Darth tower. Six weeks later there appeared to be another mating couple circling the area. Since peregrines like skyscrapers for nesting she kept a close lookout for any changes. A week or so ago she spotted 4 to 6 baby falcons. This is not the first time the peregrines have been spotted in downtown Sacramento. It appears that they are returning to the same building to have their young each year.

So, if you are on an upper floor of a library or building downtown, keep a lookout for these beautiful creatures. If you happen to be on the K Street Mall remember to look up on occasion. Not only may you spot some peregrine falcons you will also see some of downtown Sacramento’s beautiful architecture.

To see what the Sacramento Public Library holds on this amazing animal, click here: Peregrine Falcon.

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