Thursday, February 26, 2009

Depository Archeology

Public Librarians are Archeologists, scraping through tells of information instead of heaps of ruined cities, mounds of destruction and levels of buried civilizations. Finding the answers to our patron’s questions means sifting through collected data (books, magazines, pamphlets, electronic, and what ever else we can find) using specialized tools and years of experience.

But, we’re not just Archeologists. We're Miners of gold and precious jewels, searching though mountains of information to find that one hidden bit that excites the patron with whom we work. We're Dowsers, using experience and intuition to locate hidden sources of information for our patrons. We're Explorers, knowing the difference between this directory and that, when to use that and not this. We're Master Gardeners, growing the collections our community needs, weeding out those pieces unneeded, unused, and worn out.

As a Librarian who works with Federal Documents I have held the enviable position of an Archeologist for Sacramento Public Library. I sift through old documents.

By the way, can you identify the two men in the picture?

--Your Local Depository Archeologist

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Anonymous said...

is it Bogart on left, & Cliff Robertson on the right?? LD