Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Your Past, Coming to the Central Library...

The STORY, if not standing so much as a matrix of words, phrases, pauses and hiccups, is a way for members of any given society to connect. A story is also a gift, a piece of yourself, your past, that's imparted to a friend, aquaintance, even a stranger.

Do you have a story to tell? If you do, and you'd like to share it with the world, April is a month to stay on top of. That's when Storycorps, a venture sponsored by National Public Radio, will set up operations in front of the Central Library at 828 "I" Street. The stories - your stories - will be recorded and placed online, with the original recording being archived with the Library of Congress. Over the coming weeks, check back at grandCENTRAL (http://www.splcen.blogspot.com) for details.

The Sacramento Bee recently ran a story on February 17, 2008, that discussed the Storycorps project. To read that story, please click here.

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