Saturday, February 16, 2008

Review: POTUS

Presidents' Day: there is a brief history of the holiday at Infoplease, which helps to explain why some agencies take two consecutive Monday holidays, and others only one. Sacramento Public Library will observe the holiday on February 18.

But about the presidents: the Internet Public Library provides a compact page of information about all the Presidents of the United States (POTUS). It includes information about each of the past presidents, the current President, and presidential candidates running in the 2008 election.

"Give 'em Hell Harry" S. Truman was president when I was born. The POTUS article about him includes a portrait, biographical information, election results, his cabinet and also audio and video clips.

Who was President when you were born? When you were ten? What were the notable events of those administrations? Who were his opposing candidates? How close were the results of the election? Find out on POTUS.

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