Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Reference librarians get asked lots of questions. We may seem really smart, but the truth is, we just have a pretty good idea of where to look for the answer and a pretty good collection of books and other resources at our disposal.

There is lots we do behind the scenes to keep the library's collections current and services fresh. We also spend time keeping up with what other libraries are doing, looking for things we might be able to adapt for our Sacramento service area.

One tool we use for quicker web searching is There is so much good stuff on the Internet now, we needed a better way to organize our bookmarks so we could find useful sites again when we needed them. Our Telephone Reference staff created an Askus account and has been adding bookmarks to it for almost a year. These are web sites we use often to answer your questions. There's a permanent link to our bookmarks in the "Link Depot" in the right sidebar. allows us to share our bookmarks with others - and you are invited to share them, too! They are searchable - just type a word in the big search box in the title line to see what we've found on the topic. (Hint: try searching for taxprep.) If you have a favorite "perfect" web resource, please use the comments to tell us about it.

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