Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Try This @ Home: Linked Up With Link+

So, if we don't have the books you're looking for, are you out of luck? Dead in the water? Heading for Not yet!

Sacramento Public Library recently joined a new partnership called Link+. It allows us to link to over nine million items in the collections of 47 other library systems in California and Nevada. It also allows you, the borrower, to request and receive materials from those libraries just as if we owned them - for free!

Here's how it works: When you look up a title in our online catalog, if we do NOT own a copy, you will see a red statement to that effect. Look on the right side of the screen for the Link+ logo and click it. You will then be connected to a joint catalog and can see immediately whether another library owns copies. You then click on the link to "request" the title, and follow the prompts. That's it! You will be notified when the book is at your branch and ready for pick up.

If you have questions about this new service, the staff at the Circulation Help Desk (916-264-2789) or the Telephone Reference Desk (916-264-2920) can probably answer them. (Hours here.) Or you could e-mail the library at for more information.

Happy holiday reading!

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