Sunday, August 5, 2007

Who Ya Gonna Call? What D'you Wanna Know?

Call 2-6-4-2-9-2-0!

Is this the library at [you name the street]?

TELIS is the voice of the library in Sacramento, and handles calls for all 27 branches and library administration. It is located in its own little library inside the Central Library building, and is open all hours that any branch is open. Calls to TELIS during service hours are always answered by a librarian.

Do you have this book?
Where's the nearest library?
Do you have anything about ancient Persian astronomy?

Telephone reference is one of the hidden services provided by Central Library staff. Reference librarians put in at least one shift per day answering callers' questions about everything under the sun! They use a collection of about 400 books, magazines, and newspapers specially selected for the telephone reference service.

Do you have tax forms?
How many spots are on a ladybug?
When is the next computer class?

In July, over 5,375 callers got their questions answered by phone. Of those, 5,303 (99%) were answered on the spot; only 72 questions (1%) had to be referred to the reference desk for further work.

Who do I call to report bank fraud?
What's the name and address of my congressional representative?
What's the answer to 42 ACROSS?

Chances are, we can answer your questions, too!
Call 916-264-2920
Service hours and additional information

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