Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Carmen Miranda Film Festival: A Recap

"Look at me and tell me if I don't have Brazil in every curve of my body."
-Carmen Miranda

Did you know that it wasn't until two years before her death in 1955 that Carmen Miranda was granted a Brazilian passport? Did you also know she once hosted 200 Brazilian sailors at her Beverly Hills estate, and that she was insistent that wherever she went, her band had to follow? Colorful, irrepressable, incomparable, Miranda's story was told at the Central Library Wednesday night August 22 to a packed house of 75 patrons.

The discussion was led by Fred Dobb, professor of education at San Francisco State University and expert in Latin cinema. Dovetailing his charming lecture were several clips, each representing a distinct stage in Carmen's entertainment career. In attendance were representatives from area groups, promoting Latin culture.

Dobb's presentation marked the latest installment in the Central Library's continuing series on contemporary Latin culture and cinema. Stay tuned for upcoming shows, both by checking GrandCENTRAL and looking at the Sacramento Public Library's Library Newsletter.

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Fred Dobb said...

Update- I am happy to report that Carmen Miranda eventually did get a Brazilian passport issued by the Brazilian Consulate in L.A. on February 19, 1953. Born in Portugal in 1909, she died in Beverly Hills in 1955.