Thursday, May 15, 2008

Make a DVD and Become Part of Recorded History. Joe Did.

Joe Wayne Fong is a first generation Chinese-American. He was born in Sacramento and grew up in the capital city, with a few years here and there in Folsom. His story is embematic of what grand things can happen when one puts industry and vision together. He had a dream and saw it through.

Joe's story, now on record for the world to see, took 45 minutes to record. The editing time took 4 more hours, but Joe didn't have to worry about that part. We had his back. Less than two weeks after visiting the Central Library for his recording session, Joe's story is complete. We've shared it with members of his family and have burned DVDs for their viewing. To view Joe's story, click here.

You can do the same thing. It's easy, fun and provides a permanent record of a moment in time from a life - your life. What's more, you've placed a published copyright-protected item on the shelf of your public library. Yes, you are now an author and your name will come up under an author search in the Sacramento Public Library catalog.

If you want to sign on to become a "California of the Past" storyteller like Joe, go to or call 264-2920.

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