Sunday, September 23, 2007

Topics in the Medieval World: Witchcraft

Is perception the same as reality? Certainly, over time, what we think or taught to think--right or wrong--can easily morph into conventional wisdom. Are today's perceptions of pagan and alternative beliefs to European Christianity really accurate? Has popular culture created a myth of what it meant to be an animist, Pagan, or witch, prior to the Reformation?

On the 23rd of October at 6:00 pm, roughly a week away from one of the Pagan world's most sacred holy days in Samhain or what most of us call Halloween, join the Central Library and Wendy Matlock as we explore the truth behind Witchcraft in the Middle Ages. Matlock, a Medievalist and professor of English at California State University, Sacramento, will help us answer some of these question with the hopes of separating truth from fiction.

To attend, call 264-2920, or log in to

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