Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Last Post on GrandCentral: Thanks For the Memories, Until We Meet Again on Facebook, Twitter

We didn't quite make 500 posts - 478 to be exact - but the GrandCentral Blog resulted from the dedication and diligence of library employees who truly cared and care about what YOU know about the library and the world around you. Because we still care, we are migrating our content from GrandCentral to both twitter and facebook - same wine, different bottles. Our address at twitter is, while our Facebook content can also be found at!/saclibrary.

Not only did GrandCentral benefit from a variance of library talents, it was seasoned by the talents of YOU, the reader and the mindful comments that you've been posting on GrandCentral since 2007. So...thanks for the memories, dear friends, until we meet again at Facebook and Twitter. We're never more than a click away.

Signing Off,


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