Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Thoughts from Customer Appreciation Day

Customer Appreciation Day(s) were earlier in the month of December. At Central Library we celebrated with the staff sharing their thoughts of why we love our patrons and greeted our patrons with a cookie and an invitation to share their thoughts about why they loved this library. Below are a few thoughts from each.
Why We Love Our Patrons:

  • Hearing kids singing during story time makes my day.
  • They ask interesting questions for us to answer at the Reference Desk!
  • Sometimes they wear colorful socks.

Why Our Patrons Love the Library:

  • Free WiFi&Easy access.
  • There are so many art classes.

  • I can read free comics.
  • The staff is always nice and helpful. We find new resources every time.

Thank you Central Library Patrons!

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