Saturday, June 27, 2009

What's It Worth?

Here's a fun little Library Value Calculator demo that may put a new spin on what library services are worth in the community. How much would you have to pay for services your library provides for free? Fill in the blanks and prepare to be truly surprised! (note: the demo is not customized for Sacramento prices ...)

California's budget, and by extension, the City's, County's and your personal budget, are being dissected hourly by the press and by government employees faced with the possibility of losing their jobs. In the library, we are also facing severe budget cuts, and are seeing more people using our services to find jobs and seek aid, matching a national trend.

If you are in jobsearch mode, here are some free library resources you can use:

  • Books: Career information and practice tests - Some of these titles describe occupations; others are practice tests to help you pass employment exams.

  • Knowledge Center Databases: Look at the databases in the College and Careers section for help with practice tests, resume building, preparing for interviews, and much more. For example, Learning Express Library also includes math tutorials and computer skills. (If you want to use these databases at home, you will need to enter your library card number for access. A library card is not needed if you use these databases in one of our branches.)

  • The library provides free computer use. With your library card you can use Microsoft Office programs to type resumes and cover letters, and also also have Internet access. Visitors can check their e-mail and fill out online job applications. A library card or e-card is required.

  • All branches also have free wireless Internet access - if you bring your laptop, you can connect for free, without a library card.

  • Free programs at our branches for all ages, and the Get Money Smart programs are continuing through the fall.
﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿ /streetart#+_♥.tk's photo used with permission.

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$312.oo (per month, right)! That's wonderful.