Sunday, December 14, 2008

a Great Volunteer Service Day

On Saturday, December 13th, 18 Sophmores of the McClatchy HS Criminal Justice Acadamy (along with their sponsor) performed 3 hours of volunteer service to Central Library. As the coordinator for the day, I had a fabulous time. This group was enthusiastic from start to finish, even to the point of arriving 5 minutes before I showed up at 8:45am. Their accomplishments:
  • Performed 57 wo/man hours of service
  • Replaced and correctly labeled 30+ broken CD audiobooks
  • Cleaned 293 gunky audiobook cases and verified their contents and labeling
  • Recycled most of the Gen. Picture File; Filled 2 large grey (recycling) bins and 3 double loaded carts- representing hundreds of files
  • Labeled with large CEN spine labels 306 books from the World Languages collection (in less than 45 minutes!)
  • Found and sent home to CHS 1 Vietnamese language book
  • Ate 23 muffins

Thank you for your service, Sophmores. I hope you enjoyed the scavenger hunt and that you remember the library when you need help for college or want to find some new sheet music to practice your music skills.

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